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Reflections on Faith and Science

February 17, 2012 Leave a comment

Science will constantly apply an honest, demanding and critical eye toward the value of its assertions. For assertions to hold up in science they can not be backed up with weak denials but rather must be constantly backed up with real solid evidence. The scientific models must constantly prove to their valid detractors that they are the best model for reality.

Over and over again it has been shown that the only true model of the world that we live in comes though the discipline of science. Despite the constant invalid faith-based challenges that are launched against science those with open minds see that only through science are they able to get the answers they can rely on.

Though some may not say it openly, their actions indicate that they feel that science is incomparable with their own beliefs. Whether there truly is anĀ  incompatibility is irrelevant. The question that we should be asking instead is whether we are willing to hear and accepts the correct facts that are put before us. We should all be open-minded enough to ask ourselves whether we should put value any belief that would deny us the freedom to be critical enough to inquire as to what is the true nature of reality. It’s okay to have faith but it must also be okay to think.

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